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Simple and Secure Cloud-Based Document Management

Our easy-to-learn interface with cloud-based storage is the best way to manage your documents. These are some of the great benefits for your business:

  • Organize your documents and information with metadata, or tags
  • Find any document instantly – never waste time searching through folders
  • Protect and secure your documents
  • Scan and save directly to the cloud from any scanner or application, including email

Automatic version history

We track every time a document is changed and maintain each version along with an auditable trail of changes from the time a document is created to its final released version. This is critical for regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing and finance industries. Instantly retrieve any version to see what was changed, or roll back to an old version if you choose. No matter how large a file is, only the changes between versions are saved, so storage space is used efficiently and vault searches remain fast.

Supports all applications and file types

Our storage looks and acts like a standard hard drive, so it supports literally every application. Simply use the standard Save and Open commands to save to and open from the vault. Every file type is supported, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Emails, CAD files, Quickbooks files, images and pictures and more.

Fast search – find any file instantly

Office workers can spend up to 50 percent or more of their time searching for documents. You’ll never waste time looking for files again. Once you store a document in the vault and tag it, just type in that tag – or any word in the entire document – and M-Files finds the document instantly.


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