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Make your Office Paper”less”

Document management solutions and software provide you with the ability to capture documents in electronic format and store them on a network or in the cloud for your employees to access almost instantaneously. It allows you to know who accessed files and who made changes. It allows you to permit or deny file access to individual users or groups. Approved users can easily access their documents by searching on key words or actual content within the file from any mobile device or PC.

Top Benefits of Going Paper”less”

Support any type of document
Use a Document Management System for invoices, purchase orders, HR documents, budgets, project plans, marketing material, images and more. It also supports email and paper documents seamlessly, including integrated scanning with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for searchable PDF files.

Find documents easily
Once stored in a Document Management System, all documents are indexed and searchable for instant retrieval. You can always access the “right” document thanks to the Document Management System’s integrated version history. Plus, it eliminates the need for chaotic and hard-to-manage Windows folders by organizing documents by any property or tag such as product, customer or date. No more searching for where to save a file. Just save to the vault and tag.

Secure, yet accessible anytime, anywhere

Ensure only authorized personnel have access with a Document Management System permissions, which can be set on an individual basis or by groups, such as management teams only. In fact, with support for Microsoft Active Directory, you can even use existing accounts and groups. Need a document when you’re not in the office, or even without an Internet connection? No problem. Remote and offline access give you around-the-clock access.

Automate review and approval processes

A Document Management System makes it easy to review and approve documents electronically nearly eliminating the need for paper in many office functions. Replace bulky filing cabinets and inefficient manual processes with automated scanning, tagging and workflow for dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity.


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