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In an ongoing quest to maximize employee productivity and drive down costs, you might be surprised by the savings and greater competitive advantage you can achieve with a fully optimized and well-managed printing and imaging environment. In fact, results have shown that managing your fleet holistically can save you upwards of 30% on your printing costs, and the savings increase exponentially when the scope of work includes automating your paper-intensive workflows. This is what Function4 Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about, and why Function4 has been recognized as a leader in the field by the industry’s most respected analysts. So, whether you’re interested in reducing environmental waste, increasing productivity while lowering overall costs, or freeing up capital to drive innovation, there’s proven value in outsourcing the management of all or part of your print environment to an established partner.

Achieve a flexible, secure print environment—and save costs

Function4 Managed Print Services is a comprehensive suite of customizable solutions that span office, production, and commercial environments. It offers you a range of leading-edge imaging and printing devices (multivendor), network print management software, supplies, support, professional services, and document workflow solutions. Through Function4 MPS, you can achieve a cost-effective, secure, and highly flexible environment that manages all the information that makes your organization run—whether your employees are in the office, at home, or on the go. Function4 MPS enables you to manage your imaging and printing assets as a business investment rather than as a technology cost center. Through analytics and insights, we proactively help you gain greater visibility into your usage patterns and needs—and help you plan for ongoing improvements. Function4 also tailors solutions for your industry-specific requirements.

MPS that is scalable and tailored to your needs

Industry-leading network infrastructure management and asset management capabilities are the foundation of Function-4 MPS. They enable remote and secure installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and management of your imaging and printing environment. The overriding philosophy of Function4 MPS is to offer a scalable suite of services, indicated below, that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Assessment services help you gain visibility into your current usage and uncover hidden costs as you develop a business case for change.
  • Financial and procurement services assist you with options as you plan, acquire, retire, and replace your assets to help you achieve a lower total cost of operation.
  • Transition and implementation services help to ensure that the right equipment is installed in the appropriate location and that your end users know how to make the most of these capabilities.
  • Management and support services deliver proactive support to ensure an ongoing return on investment through fleet optimization, maintenance, supplies management, and greater visibility into usage trends, capacity, and expenditures.
  • Document and workflow services designed to accelerate business results by automating paper-intensive workflows and managing the underlying infrastructure that supports your processes.


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