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Combat the rapid evolution of technology while controlling costs

Outdated IT equipment will can lead to poor productivity, lower revenue and lost data. With IT innovations being a near every day occurrence, trying to continuously purchase upgrades to stay ahead of the curve can prove to be overwhelming. With our Hardware as a Service (HaaS), we work so that your business is always up to date on the current technology while allowing you to control costs. Not only do we provide hardware, which your business would otherwise likely have to purchase, our team of experts will be available for any support that your business may require.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

  • Reduced Cost. Instead of having to spend large amounts of money upfront on equipment, HaaS will allow your business to benefit by converting what would be a large expense into one that is more manageable.
  • Peace of Mind. Whenever you buy technology the fear of a malfunction or long hours of troubleshooting are always there. However, with our HaaS support we make sure your equipment is up to date and functioning correctly. If not, we replace it with working hardware.
  • Two for OneHaving state-of-the-art IT hardware means you will need a team of IT specialists for support. HaaS makes it much easier for your business, as our team at Function4 acts as your support team as well.
  • Adaptive. As your business evolves your technology evolves with it. Whether it’s a case of needing more of the same or completely new equipment, HaaS is built to accommodate your business’ needs.
  • Security. Staying up to date on both hardware and software is critical in achieving the best Network security for your business. With HaaS, our team at Function4 makes sure your software is as up to date as the hardware in your business.


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