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Enterprise Mapping


Getting a true grasp of your Application landscape can be daunting. What’s out there, who is using what, and why? How does it connect or not? How do I communicate change vision?

Our Enterprise Mapping System (MappCasting), along with a quick services engagement, changes all of that.

  • Define 100%
  • Improve 100%
  • Align 100%

We help you deliver the following:

  • Visualization of the application portfolio IT for business audiences
  • Visual understanding of the interactions between applications
  • Visualize future states for option planning and comparisons
  • Leadership transfer of knowledge and IT onboarding
  • Major portfolio rework such as:
    • Communications/Service Bus redesign, MDM implementation
    • New ERP or core systems
    • Application dispositioning
  • Prepare and plan for platform or cloud migrations)
  • License rationalization and planning

We can help you Visualize what is important and provide clear plans that anyone in leadership can easily understand.

Take advantage while you can. Mandates are fleeting.


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